Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) - Cycle 5

AISI Cycle 5  Educators as Designers of Learning

What we Have Learned from AISI Cycle 5 Research:

Schools that have the following move forward in their practice leading to improved student learning.

·    Administrator understanding and support

·    Instructional coaching

·    Embedded collaboration time

·    Planned collaboration time

·    Learning Rounds and modelling

We listened to parents and community, teachers, students and administrators through venues such as:

·    Town hall meetings

·    Accountability surveys

·    Education Symposium

·    Tell Them From Me Surveys

·    Dr. Jim Brandon reflective professionalism research 

Overview of AISI Cycle 5

Educators as Designers of Learning

This project will focus on research questions throughout the levels of education in our school division.  The research questions will  focus on improving student learning.

District Level – How do we support administrators in their role as Instructional Leaders in order to improve school completion rates?

Administrator/School Level – How does what students are doing, when they are learning, affect their engagement in their learning?

Teacher Level – If I focus on brain research strategies in my classroom will student engagement increase?

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